Agency: Tan Hui Wen
Lecturer: Evan Yan


In a traditional Chinese wedding, people will follow six etiquettes which refer to six steps from the proposal to the wedding. These customs have been passed down from Zhou Dynasty till now. Betrothal Gift is one of the important steps because it signifies the promise of the groom’s family to the bride’s family.  My project is to modernize these large arrays of wedding gifts while also letting the younger generation appreciate and carry on this important and meaningful traditional ritual. Long Feng Jia Li has two main packagings which is betrothal gifts and returning gifts. The bride’s family will return half of the gifts and also some other items to thank the groom’s family. Each packaging will have a poster that introduces the six steps of a Chinese wedding. It will also provide 12 gifts with fortune meaning.


龙凤嘉礼 Long Feng JIa li

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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