Agency: Siew Chew Yue
Additional: Deanie Cham, Evan Yan


We can imagine all the sweet fancy houses we want, but they can never truly be a home if the table is always empty, where you have no one to dine with. Tang Yuan is a traditional dish that celebrates great reunions, this packaging named as ‘小圆仔’ (little glutinous rice families) carries all the ingredients including glutinous rice flour, Tang Yuan fillings, and ‘Gula Melaka’.

The colored glutinous rice packets are pack in 4 different human characters, representing a family together. Meanwhile, the Tang Yuan fillings: crushed peanuts, red bean and black sesame paste, are designed in heart shaped/ framed packets with various skies paintings, representing each families member’s inner dream and spiritual freedom. Lastly, the ‘Gula Melaka’ that was wrapped in candy paper is designed with a rocky road illustration, which is similar when it is violently crushed after throwing them into the boiling water, the grass and flowers growing at the edges represents its surprising flavor and outcome after dissolving in the Tang Yuan soup.
Every pieces emphasizes the importance of togetherness and life long journey ahead with your families, it celebrates happy family reunions by adapting designs that is based on a kid’s projection towards a sweet home. A colorful house that has roofs designed vibrantly with traditional floral patterns, surrounded by warm greeneries. Incorporating their sense of garishness in coloring, rough hatching, strokes and innocent star doodles merging together, the whole packaging fully enhances their imagery and warmness towards a home.

While the school of prosperous fish brings out the hidden message of importance of family. The baking kit also comes with 4 gift cards that celebrates the season when people gathers and enjoys the meals together. The gift cards are personalized painting of the 4 family members wandering within their flavorful fantasy of Tang Yuan. It will be hidden in the envelope camouflaged by the white spiritual butterflies.

The last surprise comes when the QR code beside the infographic is scanned, hand-drawn animations of the tang yuan making process will be played!


‘小圆仔’ Tang Yuan Baking Kit Packaging

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