Designed by: Design Studio by Olga Zurashvili, Russia.


Candy wrapper design
What is the peculiarity of candy wrapper design?
Sweets are a purchase for pleasure. It’s about something delisious. Tea with sweets – an excellent entourage for
a conversation or a pleasant pause. On the one hand a beautiful, interesting wrapper attracts us in the store, on the other hand it decorates the vase.
Another important point in the design of candy wrappers is a small size of the candies. So all design element should have it’s own place.
For all layots we have done special dummy and twirled the sample in our hands to find something that can be improved.
To entice the sweet tooth, we offered a bold play of patterns, color combinations and rhythms. And we hope our design make your tea drinking the most wonderful!



конфеты 2

конфеты 3

конфеты 4

конфеты 5

конфеты 6


конфеты Candy wrapper design

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