Designed by: TigerTiger

Description: Brand, brand character and legend development, packaging design.
The «Тихорецкий» bakery set the task to develop a brand for a new line of waffles. Each of the three products must be associated with one of the countries of the world: Russia, Austria and Greece.
To give life to the new character and reveal the essence of the brand, a legend was developed. «Барон Руле» was introduced as a traveller and collector of recipes. This image made it possible to unite the products of the line with one common idea.
The next step was the development of the visual identity of the brand. Based on the brand platform and the legend, a logo was created, and then a series of packages for the product line.
A plate with a national ornament became the key visual image for packaging, as a sign of a delicious meal and an excellent souvenir associated with tourist trips.
The original plates were located on the packaging on the front side and became the main element, the original stopper to stand out on the store shelf.

Барон Руле

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